Kiss Me

Kiss me with love Everybody is dead In this worldly heart Imitation of a new start Kiss with a goodbye You and I won't cry Smile pasted across our face Tears hidden in embrace Amazingly I am here Telling you about how I care Noisily unsmart Brains and my heart To replace myself Kiss me … Continue reading Kiss Me


The Easier Path

Why is killing oneself so easy? If it was hard, suicides will be less prevalent. I am not saying that people who kill themselves are cowards or weak. I just think that they chose the easier path. People always want to choose the easier path. The one that requires less work. But sometimes, life only … Continue reading The Easier Path

A Bad Post.

One day, I will have a girlfriend. One day, I will love somebody. The person I love will be smarter than me. The person I love will be cooler than me. The person I love will be happier than me. That person is so hard to exist. But there is a chance. And the chance … Continue reading A Bad Post.


Just like everyone else, conflicting emotions lie within me. Unlike the other people, I am in control of my emotions, rather than the other way around. This dons me with the responsibility of satisfying every aspect of me. If my emotions dictated my actions, I would not have much control over my actions and I … Continue reading Conflict


If you ask me if I believe God exists, my answer would be no. But I still go to temple. Voluntarily. Why do I do that? I am not afraid of God. I don't believe some divine judgement will be passed upon me if I don't go to temple. I don't have any love of … Continue reading Unsure.

Miseries in Life

Looking at the number of people who commit suicide, I have come to think that people want to kill themselves all the time. That would mean I am not different. I am the same as them. They just don't get to share their thoughts like I do. From experience, I can surely say that they … Continue reading Miseries in Life