Supremacy of Genders

I consider myself a true feminist. I love girls. But sometimes I hate them. Okay, more than sometimes. But I think I have a good reason. What women need is equality. Am I wrong? The answer is a matter of perspective. Some might like me for the statement, others may not. They demand that men have ruled over women for so many years and hence the same is needed for the women. To rule over men. To make their life miserable. To have them punished for being men. Is that good in any way?

I think that would lead to a state where there is total reversal of the matters. There will come a time where men will be asking what women are asking today. That is no good. It didn’t solve the problem at all. The problem is still there. The inequality between genders. Amazingly, a person can easily understand the concept. He might even make improvements in the motion. But people as a whole are too stupid. They will do as the leader would do. And who is the leader? Somebody. Who even might not be interested in the well being of the suppressed gender. He/She might be even doing this for his/her play of heart. Just by seeing so many people following might give him/her a tiny orgasm. Maybe a major one. But that is not the point here. A leader who really has a moral conscience would not go for the domination of the other gender. He/She will go for the equality of the sexes. And that is when people will show no concern for the movement. Because that is no fun at all. People don’t follow no fun. Ever. And that is why, my friends, it will never end. The tension about the equality of genders will go on forever.

What shall we do? My answer’s likability is again a matter of perspective. I am an advocate of freedom. I believe that it is a person’s choice to follow whomever they want. And why do I think that there should not be a leader who is totally stainless. Because that would bring order. Order is boring. Chaos is fun.


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