Question Is Human

Life is now an empty question with no real good answer. Those all around me, close to me all doing different things that I really cannot perceive. Why do I care? Because curiosity. Curiosity is human. What makes a thing so interesting that a person is willing to do that thing for the rest of his life? Will he not get bored? Boredom is human too.

What should I do? Should I know the answer by now? Because everyone around me seems to do so. They are busy. Busy trying to perfect themselves. Perfect themselves to a point where everyone else is impressed. Not everybody has the skill to do so. So why even bother trying? Trying for success? And what defines success? Where can I pinpoint the destination of my life so that when I have reached success I do not wander around anymore? Does such place even exists? Reminds me of fairy tales. Fairy tales with a “happily ever after” in the end. What really happens in that “happily ever after”? Is anyone ever sad? Because from what I know, sadness is human too.

Not all the people who try succeed. Maybe they make the wrong choice in what they choose. But, wrongness is human. Maybe failure is a reminder that you should try again, or you should try different. Failure is not an obstacle. Failure is human. Everyone expects different from you. What do you do in that case? Do what keeps you curious about itself. Do what does not let you get bored. Do what takes you away from the moment of sadness. Do what you feel is right. Do what failure can’t keep you away from. Because that is when you will know that everything else is nonsense. Only you matter.


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