The Practical Philosophy

Sensibility. A thing that is required everywhere. From your bedroom to your classroom. From a train to your office. But not all people can be called sensible. Not all thoughts are sensible. For some people they might make sense. Let us take an example. “Poverty is a state of mind”. In practical terms, this is plain stupid. Like an airplane underwater. For politicians like Rahul Gandhi, non-practical things should not be said. But if it were being analyzed philosophically, the result might look like this:

“Poverty is a state of mind. It simply refers to the lack of intellect among some beings. This can be overcome easily if one has the true determination. Such a state of mind leads to the real poverty. If you do not allow your mind to overcome its own poverty, how can you suppose it to go conquer the world?”

But the practical people will go like this:

“Poverty is a state of mind. Nonsense. There are people who are literally dying of poverty, due to the lack of food, due to the lack of resources and this person says it is just a state of mind. Wake up man. This is not a dream. You have to work hard to overcome poverty. Not by just thinking you are rich, you are going to become rich. Wake up and work.”

Now who is right? Both might make sense in their own way. But who am I to say which one is the correct one? I can only tell what I think. Here is what I think:

“Everything makes sense in their own way. You have to look it that way. I am not supporting Rahul Gandhi, by the way. But everything makes sense, even the underwater airplane….you have to just name it better.”


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