No Title Came To Mind

Sometimes we don’t have words in our minds. Sometimes we are so calm we don’t seek anyone’s attention. I like those moments. In those moments we realise all that noise doesn’t make any sense, it shouldn’t even be there. All that loud music, that we seem to have fun with, I didn’t need that. I don’t know about you, or someone else, because I see people, trying to shake their body on the beat and I try too, but I am right now in one of those moments. I don’t actually care.

Do you know what I did in the last week? I took exams. I was trying hard this time. Don’t know about the results. Can’t compare them. Out. Out of my mind. I have had enough of this. I so wanted to get it over with. Wanted to watch movies. Wanted to play Minecraft. Wanted to get loud. Even thought of gym. I didn’t even leave coding. And now when it’s over, I got calm. Never expected that.

Thought I will hang out with friends. But now I think they have had enough of me. I should stay away. Give them some time. Being alone, you would think, it is sad. But you know what, it made me calmer. And what calm has done for me? It made me think. It made me think. Should have listened to Bill Gates.bill-gates-success-is-a-lousy-teacher1-760x427


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