Bleed Me (Poem)

Spill the blood from my veins
Keep the clothes on and keep the stains
Steer the water away from drains
Don’t let the string break from strains

Let me stand and make me stay
Spill my blood and make my day
Black and white are just shades of grey
Don’t let them come in your way

If you see a spilling let me see
If you want to do it, let it be me
Stab my heart, fulfil your fantasy
All I want is you, that is my fee

When you are full and if you can see my face
I’ll be dead but my heart will still race
If you smile it would change its pace
In the hope of one last embrace

After you’ve spilled blood from my veins
After you’ve cleaned your stains
And let the water into the drains
Raise a toast to my remains


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