A Blue Sky Full of Flaming Stars

Currently, the things I want are answers. When I was little, I was curious. I had questions about everything. One of the most amazing questions that I ever had is about fire. What is flame? We cannot touch a flame. I never found the answer but I pondered about it. I was willing to think about it, argue whether the things I thought are correct. It obviously improved my logical thinking. But then the internet came. I just typed the question and the answer appeared on the screen. The answer is simply a glowing body of ignited gas. Now I could get the answers very easily. There was no need to think about the answers anymore. No need to reason or argue. An end to my search for the answers put an induction effect on my curiosity. My curiosity took a dive. I started having a lesser amount of questions. Then I didn’t even think anymore in my life. That is the lowest I have ever been.

I had another question. What is sky? The two statements I had about it made the arguments interesting. The first statement is, “The sun and the stars shine in the sky.” This makes me think that sky is a background for the sun and the stars. So the sky should be beyond the stars. It’s very far away, don’t you think? The second statement is, “The sky is blue.” What does that make you think? For people who don’t know the science behind the blue sky, it is because of the scattering of the white light in the air above us. In, simple words, it is because of the air above us. But the atmosphere is very near to us in comparison of the stars. So is sky near or far? My theory is that sky is a description to the illusion of the blue boundary beyond the moon and the sun and the stars that everyone thought was there but is not there. It is an outdated misleading term and should be argued upon. The world needs to be curious again.


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