Today I realised one thing. The good things in life cost money and the bad things in life come free. Nobody pays to get sick, they just get sick for free. Food comes at a price. Even water is labelled at a cost nowadays. Why am I alive if that is the case? I don’t have money. That means I cannot have the good things life has to offer. Life will make me struggle throughout and then some more. The poor cannot afford a good life. Who started all this? Who was the first one to say, “It’s good; people will want that. Let’s put a price on that.” You want something? You need money. You don’t have money? You need to make money. How does one make money? The most popular answer seems to be, “Study hard.” They don’t tell what you have to do next. You have to sell the things you have learned. I think it should be “learn hard”.

I don’t want to make money. I want to enjoy the good things in life. This is not possible. Can I survive? Maybe it is the wrong way to think about life. Maybe life is good; but I haven’t seen many people happy about life. Everybody’s got problems. Money solves a lot of problems; until you make money itself a problem. I guess you will be considered rich then. As I said earlier, the bad things in life come for free. You know what everybody got for free? Life itself.


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