It’s a journal entry of my vacation.

It’s hard to write sometimes. I am feeling happy. A nice tour to Darjeeling and Sikkim did that to me. I even made some new friends. The best part was the break from my stupid daily routine where I do nothing productive. I did more productive things on a vacation. Who else does that?

Anyway, It was the first time I saw snow in my life. I’ve climbed a mountain before in Parasnath but there was no snow there. Snowfall even ruined some of our plans. Although we were able to see Tsomgo Lake, the same could not be said for Gurudongmar lake which was at 17800 ft/5183 m. Heavy snowfall caused the roads to block. Alternatives were chosen in that case.

The last point reachable by road is Zero point. We could not reach that because of snowfall. But we reached a visually spectacular place on the way, Yumthang Valley. The sight made me want to kiss somebody. Unfortunately, nobody agreed. I just had to make do with shoving snow in people’s faces. One thing I realized was that it was not cold at all there. So some of us climbed on a tree trunk (it was cut) and stripped. The coldest I felt was at Tiger Hill where we went in the morning 5:00 to see the sunrise. The blowing wind made it feel colder but it was important to clear the fog for us to see the sunrise. To me personally, sun was just the sun. What I enjoyed was the shining top of the mountain range to the left. You could see Kanchenjunga from there. Later we dressed up as Nepalis (I guess). DSC_0154.JPG

I had lots of fun. More than I can put here in one post.


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