It’s second part of the journal

Have you ever seen the streets of Gangtok? So clean. So beautiful. I didn’t want to dirty them. The view we got at night was amazing. On our last day of stay there, we danced on the street for two hours on the Holi music. We were not even drunk. We just enjoyed the moment. People were filming us as we swayed ourselves in the beautiful scenery. The food that I found delicious and new was falay. Falay is like the combination of samosas and momos.

I have been telling these stuff in random order. So here is how we did things:

  1. Darjeeling – Mall Road, Ropeway
  2. Gangtok – MG Road, Tsomgo Lake
  3. Lachen – Katau
  4. Lachung – Yumthang Valley

And then we again went to Gangtok where we did the dance. All and all, I enjoyed it to the fullest. May I feel like I am doing right now again.



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