The problem with feeling content…

What do you do when you feel content in life? You know it is not going to last forever but you still hope that it does. Do you enjoy the moment or do you prepare for the future? But either choice that you are going to make is not going to be pure. If you choose to enjoy the moment, you will constantly be thinking about your unsecured future. If you choose to prepare for the future, you will be thinking about making the same choice in the future again and then you might never be able to enjoy the moment. What do you do?

Why does my mind comes in short bursts of creativity? Why can’t it be for one long year all at once where I can put it to full use. Sometimes I get big ideas and I can’t fully utilise them because I have such short interest span.

But I am not finished. How can I be? I need to show myself that I am limitless. Unless I do that and stop having doubts about myself, I am never going to escape this prison of under-performing. I need to feel like there is some awesome background music for me whenever I enter the room and whenever I exit the room. Cue the music.


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