Crazy Comprehension and Ascension

I read it somewhere, “What if the crazy people think that everyone else was crazy?”. I think that the crazy people think everyone else is stupid. They see through everyone else’s narrow-mindedness and realise that there is more to the situation. They see everything and speak about what nobody else cannot even start to comprehend. This lack of ability in the people to comprehend the situation and the crazy person’s analysis is what drives them to label that person crazy. Can you comprehend what I just said? I just don’t want to be labelled crazy.

This seemingly absurd idea came into my mind today. I guess it is not that absurd. Maybe it is not even that unique. I like to make things that are unique. You have to be creative for that. Some people are born creative. Some learn to be creative. What about those people who are not creative? Their creativity was snatched from their minds when they were growing up. They were fed up things that kill the creativity. Rules, order and sincerity. These things are a necessity for society to function but what good is a garden if it doesn’t let a flower to bloom. Maybe it was a tree. You catch my drift? You lost it? You did. It’s okay. Everyone else did too. Nothing to beat yourself up about it.

So I am reading The Catcher In The Rye. I won’t talk about it anymore except that if you have not read it, what are you doing here? I want to talk more. But I have nothing. You see, writing here is like talking to a wall. You have to come up with everything. You hope that this will interest the audience. I came up with a better plan. I now just write anything. The mind is always restless. Maybe it will land on something that will interest you. I would not write an essay about that topic. That would kill me. Get it?


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