I, Me and Myself

Please don’t read this.

You have to realise by now that I am a self-obsessed person. If you don’t and have been reading my other stuff; have you really been reading my other stuff? There are a few reasons for that. First of all, I am a very lonely guy. There isn’t much around for me except me. I rarely go out. A very small room that I have got contains only me and stuff that belongs to me. Although I have got a roommate, he doesn’t count since he isn’t around during daytime and during nighttime, he sleeps. So I think about myself all the time. That is what makes me self-obsessed. And you just read a paragraph about my obsession over my self-obsession. I desperately need some human interaction.

It is not like I don’t care about anything else. But truly, I rarely care about anything else. But over the years, while not caring for anything else, I became so adapt in not caring, I stopped caring about the only thing I cared about, me. I just did whatever I wanted to all the time, watch movies, play video games and more movies. I stopped eating on time. I stopped sleeping on time. I stopped waking up on time. I became virtually numb to the real world. Nobody needs to hear what happened next. I was alone. Nobody I knew was suffering from the same.

Didn’t I tell you to not read this? People never listen.

Now I laugh from memories from time to time. But unlike normal people, these are from movie scenes. I strayed from reality for a very long time. Now I am thinking that I am back. But things are not shaped to my liking. I cannot handle stress anymore. I can handle responsibilities lesser.

Why are you still reading this?

It is a deep dark place, where everybody remembers your face. You act like you know the things they are talking about; but deep inside you are totally afraid. Now, you know everybody will leave you soon and you will be all alone. You just hope everything is going to be all right when everybody is gone. It rhymes.

You cannot blame this on me. I told you not to read this.



One thought on “I, Me and Myself

  1. I actually recognise this and still tend to find myself there. Now I call it the life of an introvert.
    I know you said not to read it but, well, I was never good at following directions


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