What would you do?

A person is self involved. He is usually not interested in other people. He is good at heart though. He is honest. He is sometimes kind to people. But to live like a moral person, he needs the society. He enjoys the company of his friends. Although he cannot talk to new people unless they talk to him first; once he becomes accustomed to the new person and his presence, a new side of him is unfolded. He is found to be one of the most talkative people. He is funny.  Hanging out with him is a lot more fun than you initially expected it to be. You want to know about him more. More than he has ever told anybody else about him. Even he wants to tell you those things; but you are just a friend yet. He is not able to share these things with you as he has never shared them before. He is not feeling like you would like to know about these things. He feels like he needs to do something and he does not have the strength to do it and he feels lost. Although you and him both want him to share, but he does not know the way. He feels like he cannot adapt to change. He feels like he will never be happy. He wants to cry and he can’t. What would you do?

He never tries to get in touch with his lost friends. He knows that his current friends will leave soon and he is going to be alone. Being alone is what scares him the most. He is a very self-destructive person on his own. He destroys himself in ways no one has done before. When he will tell you about it, he will try to tell you in a funny way; but he knows you are going to realise that he is a very stupid person. He has lost all his self-confidence because of these stupid things he has done. He thinks everybody is thinking that he is just a stupid guy roaming the earth. That is why he never talks about serious things. He never gives his views on any serious topic. He would deflect it with a joke. After some time; nobody asked him about anything anymore because he is immature. You haven’t talked to him in a while. What would you do?

He does not think he has anything left. He thinks about suicide and he has realised that suicide in his condition will be stupid. He gives up very easily on things now. Although some time ago, he was one of the most resilient people you would’ve met. Once he started to give up on things, he spiralled out of control. He lost his self-confidence in the process and gave up on things before they even started. One good thing happened during these times. He gained a better view on the world. A wider view, as he just gave up on things and thought about the world. He thought and thought and realised that most of the people were following some ideology that came from the mind of somebody that came before them. They would share this ideology and spread it. If they came into contact with some other ideology that they liked more, they would start sharing that one. They never sat down and thought about it; but he did. He is different, but he is so down that he needs help. He is a distant memory to you now. What would you do?


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