Think about it!

As long as I have sat in my classroom, today was the first time I felt that it was small. I always thought that it was quite big. Maybe it was because I was sitting in the centre of the room. Every wall looks closer from there. But I have sat there many times before. Maybe it was because I saw it no more as a place to learn things; but rather a construct ironically hindering my curiosity and my learning. I was comparing it with what the world in terms of what it was offering to me.

Today I did not feel the strange feelings I had started to feel while coming down to the classroom. I felt like I had this burden and I could not overcome it, stressing my mind; but not today. Maybe it was because I had came an hour late in a two-hour lecture. Probably it is the sanity in me that has started to resurface again. My last year was so crap that it feels like that the first quarter of this year feels like the best I’ve ever been. Maybe this is the best I’ve ever been. I would like to be happy. I don’t want this to end so soon; but I know that it will. That is the problem with thinking all the time. You know things beforehand, especially the bad ones. I even know that all good things must end, or I will get bored. Believe me, I can get bored of even the good things. You may not realise that, but sooner or later, everybody gets bored of the same thing over and over again, no matter how good it is. That is why the grass is always greener on the other side.


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