Can they stop me?

I should stop doing some things. I would not mention them. That would violate my privacy. And if I won’t respect my own privacy, who will? Not hackers. Definitely not them. Why I am talking about hackers? I really do not know. I was talking about some things that I shouldn’t do? I think this is one of them. Stalling. I subconsciously do it. Sometimes even consciously too. Bad language skills are on my mind too. I write well, I think. But talking gets the worst of me. Yeah, I talk too much too. Lots of problems with me. Didn’t imagine that. Talking of which, way too many fantasies for a healthy mind. I shouldn’t ignore my own health. For my own good. I have now arrived on the conclusion that I can find a problem connected to any sentence. Ignorance, see? I ignore things too. Talking of a selective memory. Good. I think that is the end of my problems.

EDIT : I just read the paragraph myself and found that I really don’t act on my words. I mentioned the problems.


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