Optimism and Pessimism

Pessimistic people are always trying to show the optimistic ones that there is no hope in this world. Optimistic people are always trying to show the pessimistic ones the opposite. Logical people do not believe in the concept of hope. Although human behaviour is highly dependent on emotions like love and hope, most of the logical people are not in the condition to use it as an advantage. Overall, they discard the concept of hope as an accessory and then discard it as a whole. They fall into the category of pessimists. All those people who will tell you things that make perfect sense will sink your hopes one cm at a time.

Suppose there is a glass half filled with water. If you prefer, you can call it half-empty. It is a bad test to test one’s hope in my opinion. If you are very thirsty, you will be disappointed because you needed more water. You see the glass half-empty. If you are fine, you don’t care much about it. So you see the glass half filled. These are just matters of perspectives. If I am filling the glass and want to see how much work I have done, the glass is half filled. If I want to know how much more work I have to do, the glass is half-filled.

People are accusing me of being a pessimist. I know I am one, but contrary to what one might think, I do want hope in my life. Hope is a saviour. I would like to be saved.



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