Questions From A Friend

This is from my friend, Rakshit. He asked me some questions and told me to post them here. These may apply to any other animal but I am taking dogs to represent his point of view. I live in India. Coming to the questions.

  1. Do all Indian dogs bark the same way to convey the same signals?
  2. Does an American dog bark the same way as an Indian dog to convey the same thing to his fellow dog?
  3. Does a German Shepherd bark the same way as a Rottweiler or a Chihuahua?
  4. If the answer to all the above questions is yes, how did all the dogs achieve a single language for conversing for the entire planet earth?

Do you know about the concept of rebirth? The endless cycle of dying and being born again. Rakshit pointed out one more thing. Rebirth does not matter unless you remember memories from your previous life. Being reborn will not affect any aspect of your current life. Even if you have a concrete solid proof that you have taken rebirth, unless you remember your previous life; it is all worthless. Rakshit thinks sometimes too. I thought only I had the free time to think.


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