Suicide, Hope, Fame

People say that I write depressing blogs. They think that I am on the verge of suicide. They say that I am going crazy and I should be a little bit more optimistic in life. I am going to tell you right here that even though what I write is very depressing, I am very optimistic. What am I hoping for? Are you ready for the answer? Here goes.

I am hoping that someone somewhere reads my blog and gets so depressed about life that he kills himself. In his suicide note, he mentions my blog and then suddenly more people will want to know what I had written that drove him over the edge. If I am very lucky, they will get depressed too and kill themselves. Although there is a chance that my works may get banned because of its psychological effects, but hey, I’ll be famous. People always want to do what they are not allowed to do. They will want to read whatever I am writing. If I happen to be still writing depressing stuff and some more people kill themselves, I’ll become a legend. I’ll even be helping the earth. You know, population control. Although I would not have directly killed anybody, I’ll be responsible for many deaths. And that without the use of violence. Even if my newfound fame has an effect on me and I am not writing depressing stuff anymore, people will recognize that my earlier stuff was wrongfully banned and the ban will be probably revoked. And I’ll still be famous. Good going. If you think being hopeful will make you more successful in life, take my advice and realise that whatever you do in this life has no meaning. Even your life has no meaning. Currently 7 billion people are living a life. Yours is just a permutation. It could be different and it would not even matter. I hope you kill yourself.


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