God & Me

What is God? If God is all-powerful, why does He need anything from us? He has everything, then why does He care about whether we believe in Him or not? Does He feel insecure? Does He need our appreciation at all times for what He has done for us? Why does He restrict us from doing things that make us happy? Why does He need to punish us if we do not follow His rules? Why should we live in His fear? I don’t need God to fear him? I already have many things to fear in this world. My God does not want anything from me, because he already has everything. I don’t need to do anything in his name for the same reason. If I need to fear him, then he is not my God. My God does not want to harm me in any way. So I just ask him for help in times of need. I need things from him. If it is his will, I shall have them. I don’t need to keep him on my good side by making offerings to him that he will never need. But in times where nothing in this world could help me, I know that he can. He is my only hope. Hope is my God.

I am losing hope as the days pass. I am losing connection with my God.


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