Waiting for the end

Sometimes you just want to punch something. At these times, I am too weak to do it. I just can’t move my fist. We know that punching a wall or a tree will not solve our problems but we still want to do it. It might help us release our frustration on things that are beyond our reach. Either you kill the problem or the problem kills you. Obviously you should choose yourself. But you are tired of fighting. You have never seen anything good coming out of the fights that you have had. After years of fighting, you give up. Everything fun that you can remember from your life has already left you. Now you are on your own. So you sit still, and gaze at the calmness before the end. You can hear the sounds and these sounds soothe you. All of the struggle, what was it worth? You are at peace now and you spent all your life running away from it. All those memories seem so beautiful in coherence with the current state of serenity. You close your eyes and wait for the end. Moments passing have never seemed so amazing. But the end is near and you know it. You are waiting for the ultimate moment but it is not coming. You are just sitting there absorbing all the calmness in the surroundings and your patience is running out. The problem has failed you. It did not deliver what was promised to you. But you achieved peace where you did not imagine it would be. You feel so fresh and looking back at the problem, you realise that the problem was not that big. It could never bring you your end. It was all in your head.


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