Miseries in Life

Looking at the number of people who commit suicide, I have come to think that people want to kill themselves all the time. That would mean I am not different. I am the same as them. They just don’t get to share their thoughts like I do. From experience, I can surely say that they are in a worse condition than me. Sharing my thoughts here, even though no one reads them, lets some of the frustration out of my system. People not able to that are truly unfortunate.

If my first assumption is wrong, i.e. people don’t want to kill themselves, then I am not the same as them. Maybe I have realised certain aspects of life that they haven’t. I wouldn’t want them to. It is better to be a fool. At least you can stay happy. You can hope that one day, all your miseries will be gone. But they will never be gone. The harder you try to fight them, you will find some more. You might even start to enjoy it. Lately, I have been thinking and realised that life is full of miseries and troubles. All we can do is choose which ones we want to live with.


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