Honesty is NOT the “best policy”

Honesty has always got me in trouble. Never in my life, has honesty rescued me from one though. Rather, it has cemented the problem for the future. When I was a kid, I read so many stories with the moral, ‘Honesty is the best policy.’ Reading so many stories where the honest ones are rewarded made me honest by heart. But now that I have grown up, I have realised that honesty is not the best policy. It’s not even a good policy. It is an okay policy at best. The only good thing resulting from honesty is that it lightens the load on the conscience. So a better thing than showing honesty every time, everywhere will be, in my opinion, not even having a conscience. But society, in order to maintain its structure and strength, teaches little kids false stories about honesty and truth and makes them weak so that they can easily be preyed upon by the predators existing in the same society. Moreover, these predators look the same as the honest ones. The only difference is, these predators are usually successful at what they do. Believe me, when I tell you, no one cares about you except your parents. Nobody has the time to think about you in this fast paced society. Everyone is obsessed about themselves all the time. If you think I am wrong, just ask yourself, how many times did you think about your best friend getting the thing he or she wants the most in the last 24 hours when you were alone. I am quite sure you didn’t think about it at all. All you thought about was the thing you want the most.


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