Joker’s Call

I like a queen but she doesn’t like me back.
She likes a king and I am a jack.
What is more is that the king is my friend.
I don’t want to break what I can’t amend.
So I sit and I think about it alone.
And I wait till the pain in my heart is gone.
Day turns to night and night turns to day.
But the hope that she’ll be mine won’t go away.
My queen isn’t as beautiful as I thought as I thought she would be.
But the heart wants what it wants and it is she.
When I see her face, I just want to kiss her.
So I told her I like her and she didn’t answer.
I understand that no answer means no.
She didn’t want to hurt me but the pain won’t go.
I look at her pictures but I can’t look at her face.
To forget her completely, I need some space.
So this is the last time I am thinking about her.
Maybe someday I’ll like someone who will like me closer.


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